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by Kamran


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Windows Nexus is a leading News and Media site focused on Gaming and Technology with a diverse number of visitors from all over the world. We publish content like News, Reviews, Guides, Top 10, How To and More.


Our Mission

Our mission is to push the boundaries of Gaming and Technology journalism and provide our viewers with the latest and most up-to-date information possible to help them stay connected 24/7 to the vast and beautiful world of Technology and Gaming. To provide our readers with the most complete and accurate information which in turn helps them become more well-informed and to make better decisions in their journey.



Why Should You Trust Us?

We are fully committed to providing our readers with completely unbiased Reviews, Comparisons, Top 10 Lists, Guides and Opinions. As dedicated Gamers, we uphold these values and traditions with all our hearts. We truly believe in providing free and fair information to our audience in order to help them understand and make well-informed and mature decisions overall.










Contact Us

You can Contact Us by using any of the following means below, where you can write to us with any advertisement, business opportunity, suggestions, tips or feedback.

EMAIL: info@windowsnexus.com





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