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Akrew Leaves Valorant, Following Multiple Others

by Abdul Wassay
Akrew Leaves Valorant

Akrew leaves Valorant, starting today. On Wednesday, 20th July. Akrew revealed that they sadly did not make it very far in the Riot Games‘ American partnership program. Due to this, they confirmed that they will be taking leaving Valorant temporarily.

In the video announcing their departure from Valorant, Daniel Luu, who is the CEO of Akrew, said that with the instability and uncertainty that is looming over the tier 2 scene in North America, it makes little sense for them to keep their Valorant roster. Daniel Luu also confirmed that the exit from the Valorant scene is temporary, and Akrew will return as soon as they can.

Akrew took their first step in Valorant in October of 2021, where they signed up the core EZ5 players. Despite being new, they quickly made a name for themselves in tier 2 Valorant in North America. They had a 35-win streak that was disrupted by Cloud9. During that time, Akrew lifted three NSG Winter Championship trophies and won the December Knights Monthly Gauntlet.

However, in 2022, Akrew weren’t as lucky as they were last year. The only victory they had this year was in the NSG Philadelphia LAN, after that the team wasn’t able to win another tournament. They attended four VCT qualifiers, but unfortunately, they got close to winning twice, but still lost in the end.

Despite this, Akrew still has two more games that they have scheduled in the MEL Premiership‘s third season. Currently, they are sitting at the top of the leaderboard, tied with Cloud9 Academy. NYFU, on the other hand, has also pulled out of Valorant and has postponed this week’s game. Meanwhile, Akrew will keep fighting in the season under a different name.

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