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AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU New Branding Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU

A brand new AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU brand has been revealed and will be released in the upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs, including the Dragon Range and Phoenix Point. AMD is gearing up for a major launch of Ryzen Mobile in the coming months. Starting with the Mendocino family, the Ryzen 7000 Mobility CPU family will use a new and refined branding scheme that will scale from entry-level to high-end chips.

The reason behind the introduction of this new naming scheme is the fact that AMD plans to launch at least five product lines within its Ryzen 7000 Mobility series. Each CPU family will target a different segment and span several generations of architects. Such as the upcoming Mendocino Ryzen 7000 CPUs featuring the Zen 2 architecture with the RDNA 2 graphics core and are specifically designed for the entry-level segment in the $400-$700 price range.

In 2023, AMD will then offer CPUs based on its Zen 3, Zen 3+, and Zen 4 families. Zen 3 Barcelo Refresh and Zen 3+ Rembrandt refresh will coexist alongside Zen 4 Phoenix Point processors in the mainstream and low-power (thin and light) segments, while the Zen 4 Dragon Range processors will be aimed at the enthusiast segment. The product segmentation is given below:

  • Mendocino (Ryzen 7020 Series) – Everyday Computing
  • Barcelo-R (Ryzen 7030 Series) – Mainstream Thin & Light
  • Rembrandt-R (Ryzen 7035 Series) – Premium Thin & Light
  • Phoenix Point (Ryzen 7040 Series) – Elite Ultrathin
  • Dragon Range (Ryzen 7045 Series) – Extreme Gaming & Creator

AMD also plans to update its existing product lines, such as Barcelo and Rembrandt, with Barcelo already being a refresh of the Cezanne CPU. These will be branded under the Ryzen 7030 and Ryzen 7035 series and will also be launched in 2023.

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