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Apex Legends New Character Accidentally Revealed By Respawn

by Abdul Wassay
Apex Legends Cover Art

Apex Legends new character has been revealed by Respawn, albeit accidentally. You heard correct, Respawn reveals a brand new Apex Legends character, and in the process ends up ruining a surprise. The situation is funny, to be honest. Respawn Entertainment accidentally revealed the latest Legend and ended up giving us a look into the upcoming update for the game. An intro video revealed that the character will be launching on August 9th, 2022, which will happen alongside the release of the Apex Legends: Hunted update.

Vantage, The New Legend

Players who logged into Apex Legends at all in the past week may have noticed that Respawn uploaded a new “Stories from the Outlands” trailer. This move seems to be a complete accident. The video was an introduction to the newest Legend in the Apex Legends universe, Vantage. Pretty sure this wasn’t meant to be seen at this point, but somewhat luckily for Respawn, it doesn’t seem like any players were able to view the trailer, although people pieced the story together when they looked at the short description for the trailer, cluing them into who’s going to be in the new update.

The image read the following:

There’s a new installment of Stories from the Outlands! Watch Survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9.

Players were also quick to point out that the new legend seems to be a “winged companion” and will specialize in long-ranged weapons. Unfortunately, the image didn’t reveal what Vantage looked like, but no use keeping it a secret anymore.

Putting Out The Flames

Respawn wanted to get ahead of the leaks it seems, because in response to this they announced that they officially unveil Vantage on July 25th, 2022. The tweet used a bat emoji, and the image attached has bats as well, so it seems a new character is going to be bat-themed. Still, the way the new Legend was revealed was pretty, although it doesn’t seem like the game was hurt all that much.

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