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Apex Legends New Gun Game Mode May Be In Season 14

by Abdul Wassay
Apex Legends New Gun Game Mode

Respawn Entertainment may have mistakenly confirmed an Apex Legends new gun game mode. As spotted by Apex Legends YouTuber Garret, the Twitch Rivals schedule for October 8th and 9th seems to confirm that both Gun Game and Shadow Royale will be played during the tournament. This likely means that a new gaming event will take place during this time and will see the return of Shadow Royale as well as a brand new limited-time mode known as Gun Game.

As seen in the tweet, the event overview for the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament in October lists the modes being played. Under the format tab, the schedule states that five standard Battle Royale matches will be played, followed by one Gun Game match. Another bullet point then states that the Battle Royale matches will consist of three standard Battle Royale matches and two Shadow Royale matches, confirming the mode’s return.

Shadow Royale is a limited-time game mode that was first introduced back in Season 6 and often returns during the Halloween season. This mode allows players to return after death in “shadow form” to take revenge on their killers and help lead their team to victory.

Gun Game has yet to debut in Apex Legends, but it’s a hugely popular mode in games like Call of Duty and may even arrive in Respawn’s Battle Royale title. Respawn will certainly add their twist to things, but the basics of Gun Game are simple. All players start with the same weapon and must advance through a set number of weapons by making kills, the player who kills each weapon is the winner.

Of course, it should be noted that you should take these details with a grain of salt for now, as the developers have never officially confirmed the existence of the Gun Game in Apex Legends. But if the leak is true, we could see it in early October.

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