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Back 4 Blood Act 5 Is Coming In Expansion 2

by Abdul Wassay
Back 4 Blood Act 5 Cover Art

Back 4 Blood Act 5 has been confirmed to be the next update. While there’s no Back 4 Blood Act 5 release date as of yet, the developers have given us a bit more details surrounding the update. From the statements given and screenshots posted, it seems as though Back 4 Blood Act 5 focuses on a cult.

Back 4 Blood Act 5

Even though Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind Back 4 Blood, hasn’t told us when they plan to release the new expansion for Back 4 Blood, the developers have been acting a bit cocky on Twitter as of late, revealing new info about it. They’ve confirmed that Act 5 is going to be a part of the next expansion, and it will put the players at odds with an apocalyptic cult.

Turtle Rock has been keeping players satisfied by giving bits of information about the next Back 4 Blood expansion. Over the last couple of weeks, Turtle Rock has been given hints and info about new features, such as the bear trap. We can expect all of these in the next update, although the last tweet they made is what’s gotten players excited. In the tweet, they posted a photo of what seemed to be home to a cult, with crucified bodies and corpses everywhere.

They also used the phrase “Some of us are so giddy, we Act like we’re 5.” Yeah, not the most subtle reveal that’s for sure. The capitalized ‘A’ in the act and the numeral 5 give it away pretty easily.

Back 4 Blood is available to play on PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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