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BioShock: The Collection Is Free On Epic Games Store

Hurry Up And Get 3-in-1 BioShock: The Collection For Free!

by Hamza Qayyum
Published: Last Updated on
BioShock The Collection Official Cover Art

BioShock: The Collection is this week’s free title for Epic Games Store. The players will be able to visit and explore the vast and memorable both underground city of Rupture and the quantum levitating city of Columbia.

Although Epic Games usually announces the game titles that are included in the free promotion a week before, this time they are not announcing it till they are available as free promotion. They’ll be giving away 1 Mystery Game each week for a total of 4 weeks or 1 month so make sure to grab them before the free promotion runs out!

The Epic Games Store also launched its biggest and most baddest Mega Sale 2022 last week which included discounts up to 70% on over 1600 titles along with 25% off coupons on particular eligible purchases.

What is included in BioShock: The Collection?

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