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Biren BR100 GPU Revealed With 7 NM Architecture

by Abdul Wassay
Biren BR100 GPU

Biren BR100 GPU just got unveiled very recently. Birentech is a small enterprise based in Shanghai, China. Very recently, it released the most powerful General-Purpose GPU in the country, the Biren BR100. The Biren BR100 series will adopt a 7nm processor that integrates 77 billion transistors.

Chinese company Biren Technology has recently unveiled the Biren BR100 HPC GPU during their Biren Explore Summit 2022 event. The Biren BR100 features a neat in-house chiplet architecture with 77 billion transistors and specifically is manufactured on a 7 nm process using TSMC”s 2.5D CoWoS packaging technology, which is quite significant.

The card is equipped with 300 MB of onboard cache alongside 64 GB of HBM2E memory running at 2.3 TFLOPs, demonstrating that Biren Technology’s recently unveiled GPU is a beast and should not be taken lightly. This combination delivers performance above that of the NVIDIA Ampere A100 achieving 1024 TFLOPs in 16-bit floating point operations, further showcasing the power of the Biren BR100 and its in-house chiplet architecture with 77 billion transistors.

The company also says its 77 billion transistor chip can essentially mimic human cranial nerve cells, and the chip will typically be used for DNN and AI purposes, so the chip will more or less completely replace China’s dependence on NVIDIA AI GPUs. This is a huge deal, as it’s generally better for the nation to use something home built rather than something from other nations.

The company also definitely announced the BR104, which features a monolithic design and should offer approximately half the performance of the BR100 at a TDP of 300 W. The Biren BR104 will be available as a sort of standard PCIe card while the BR100 will generally come in the form of an OAM compatible board with a custom tower cooler, which specifically is fairly significant. The pricing and availability information for these cards generally is currently unknown.

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