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Call Of Duty’s Tony Flame Is Working On a PlayStation 5 Exclusive

by Abdul Wassay
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Although Call Of Duty is on the PS5, fans of the franchise might be interested in a new game as Call of Duty’s Tony Flame is making a PS5 exclusive. Over the years, the Call Of Duty franchise has gone through a lot of changes. With every game, the scope of the franchise grows larger and larger, and with each installment, the franchise goes through some changes. A fair few of these changes can be attributed to Tony Flame, the ex-Lead Game Designer at Treyarch. After working at the company for 17 years and contributing to the Call Of Duty franchise, Tony Flame left the company. Now Tony Flame is working on a brand new exclusive game for the PS5.

It’s no stretch to say a lot of what you might enjoy in Treyarch’s installments of the Call Of Duty franchise, Tony Flame might have had a hand in it. But now, it seems as though he’s using his talents to help other game developers bring their ideas to fruition. Deviation Games are developing a brand new game, exclusive to the PS5, and Tony Flame is helping by being the chairman of game design.

Tony Flame’s PlayStation 5 Exclusive

As of right now, the details surrounding the game are unclear. Nobody knows if it’s going to be a first-person shooter like the Call of Duty franchise, or if it’ll be something completely different. Despite the mysterious nature of the game, Flame has gone on record to state the game will be “an exclusive, groundbreaking AAA experience”. Deviation Games confirmed they were working on a PlayStation 5 exclusive a year ago, and has confirmed that game development is taking place.

The contents of the game itself are a complete mystery. Although knowing Tony Flame, it’ll probably be an action game of some kind. If it’s an FPS could incite some competition between COD as well. As the game is going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, it means that it’ll make use of all the features of the PS5 it can. Beautiful graphics are to be expected (although this doesn’t mean they can’t be stylized). We’ll also probably see proper support regarding the DualSense.

Speculation is fun and all but it’s just that, speculation. As of right now, there are no proper details regarding the game, and it’ll probably be a few years before we’re able to play this game.

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