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DEADROP: Dr Disrespect’s Video Game Shows Off Early Gameplay

by Abdul Wassay
DEADROP: Dr Disrespect's Video Game

Midnight Society, co-founded by Dr. Disrespect, has just revealed early gameplay of their upcoming shooter DEADROP. Dr. Disrespect has been teasing the game he and his studio, Midnight Society have been working on for a while now. But just recently, we’ve gotten a public reveal of the game, which gives us a name as well: DEADROP. The game got its name unveiled along with a logo in Los Angeles, during a live event which had a lot of gaming industry insiders and esports organizations in attendance. Along with the presentation, those who were at the event got their first look at the game due to the gameplay.

Midnight Society has frequently described the game as a “Vertical Extraction Shooter”, which makes it to similar to other games such as Escape From Tarkov. However, as the description of the game and the logo tell us, the huge maps of extraction shooters will be reworked into something else, placing an emphasis on vertical movement and gameplay similar to that nature.

Along with the gameplay, we’ve gotten new information regarding the lore of DEADROP. The game takes place in the future, during an event known as the “Climate Wars”. The world features massive city-state structures called “Refiner States” whose sole purpose seems to be creating a drug which is made by using pollutant and toxic material in the skies known as Space Dust. The Refiner States will be a prime target for various different factions, the game will feature 3 main ones. The two big factions that players will be able to be a part of are the “Skins” and “Syns” who are at odds with each other. The 3rd faction, known as the “Cleaners” will also be a part of the game as well.

Not much else is known about the game, but it definitely seems like it features a lot of elements that Dr. Disrespect loves, such as violence, fast movement, and fast-paced FPS gameplay.

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