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Deathloop Xbox Game Pass Release Date Confirmed

by Abdul Wassay
Deathloop Xbox Game Pass Release Date

Just recently, we got dates for when a lot of new games will be dropping on Game Pass, one of these was the Deathloop Xbox Game Pass release date. After a year of console exclusivity on PS5, Deathloop will be released on September 20th on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass.

Deathloop is developed by Arkane Lyon and is a first-person shooter which was nominated for several games of the Year awards after its release back in September 2021. The game was praised as it mixed a lot of elements of action and stealth gameplay, the retro-future style, and incorporate an interesting time loop mechanic in the game. Deathloop was released last September on PC as well as PS5. There is no mention of an upcoming release on last-gen Xbox One consoles.

While we’ve known for a long time that Deathloop was a timed console exclusive to PS5, hints of its Xbox announcement began to surface earlier this week when ads for the game began appearing on the Xbox console’s dashboard. However, it appears that these ads were published prematurely, and their selection did not lead to the store page.

The console exclusivity of Deathloop on the PS5 was a bit of an odd situation, given that the game was published by Bethesda, a company that Microsoft acquired last year. After the acquisition was announced, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the company would respect the game’s pre-existing PS5 exclusivity, despite it being Sony’s rival console. However, Spencer hinted that future Bethesda titles will likely be available exclusively on Microsoft platforms.

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