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dgzin Joins FURIA, Joining Them In Valorant LCQ Champions 2022

by Abdul Wassay
dgzin Joins FURIA

dgzin joins FURIA, replacing ableJ. FURIA have just announced that they’ve replaced ableJ with star duelist and Valorant Esports player Douglas “dgzin” Silva. This move was done in preparation for the South American Valorant LCQ Champions 2022.

dgzin has been an icon in the tier two scene in Brazil. Most recently, dgzin played for the revamped Gamelanders Blue roster in 2022. Gamelanders Blue did play in the group stage of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Brazilian Challengers. Gamelanders Blue managed to make playoffs in Stage 1, but unfortunately, Stage 2 wasn’t as good. In Stage 2, they went 0-4, which ended up killing their chances to compete in the Last Chance Qualifiers for Champions. Still, even with a team that was struggling, dgzin’s ACS managed to rank third in Stage 1, and during Brazil’s main stage in Stage 2, it ranked sixth.

FURIA themselves aren’t rookies to high-level FPS gameplay. Ever since its introduction near the beginning of 2021, FURIA managed to compete for the Brazilian crown. Ever since the team’s creation, three members have been there from the beginning, those being Khalil, Quick, and Argentinian nzr.

dgzin’s arrival as a new duelist player will probably cause some role shifts in the squad as well. Most likely done to avoid any overlap between FURIA’s other duelists, Quick and Mazin.

The South American Last Chance Qualifiers will begin on August 6th. The top four Brazilians and the top four LATAM teams will face off for two slots at Champions.

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