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Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Dragon Quest Treasures Cover Art

Dragon Quest Treasures, the prequel to Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age, will launch for Nintendo Switch. First announced in a Nintendo Direct Mini on June 28, the game will give the players a look into the events before Dragon Quest XI. In a recent press release by Square Enix, we’ve gotten more details regarding Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures Plot

Square Enix described Dragon Quest Treasures as a spinoff of the Dragon Quest franchise. The game focuses on characters, Erik and Mia, both of whom made their first appearance in Dragon Quest XI. Players will take control of Erik and Mia as they explore an island filled with treasure. The game also features various monsters, which you can catch. Catching the monsters can allow you to access certain types of treasures that would normally be inaccessible to both Erik and Mia.

Judging by how the press release describes them, it seems that the monsters can be used to traverse the world as well. They can be used to traverse the world on land, as well as being able to fly in the sky. Monsters will serve a third purpose as well, and that is assisting the players in battle. Monsters will be used to fight with your enemies, who are treasure hunters like the protagonists. Collecting treasures will allow players to increase their “vault value”. The higher vault value will allow players to expand their home base, as well as allow them to recruit more monsters.

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date

In the press release by Square Enix, they confirmed that Dragon Quest Treasures will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on December 9th. You can check out the trailer of Dragon Quest Treasures below.

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