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Tim Sweeney Confirms That Epic Games won’t ban NFTs

by Abdul Wassay
Epic Games Won't Ban NFTS - Tim Sweeney Confirms

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, has confirmed that Epic Games won’t ban NFTs. Earlier in the week, Minecraft’s developers, Mojang Studios, announced that they will be banning NFTs and blockchain technology from Minecraft. Mojang stated the core of NFTs did not align with Minecraft’s values, and as such, they will be permanently banned from being implemented in the game, or any of its servers. A lot of people were hoping that this move would incite some change in the gaming industry and that other companies will follow Minecraft’s example. A fan asked Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, for his opinion on this. The Epic Games CEO statement is as follows:

Developers should be free to decide how to build their games, and you are free to decide whether to play them. I believe stores and operating system makers shouldn’t interfere by forcing their views onto others. We definitely won’t.

Later on, another fan asked Sweeney what the difference was between prohibiting content such as hate speech and discrimination and allowing NFTs, which are also harmful. Sweeney replied with the following:

These are all editorial and brand judgments. A store could choose to make no such judgments and host anything that’s legal, or choose to draw the line at mainstream acceptable norms as we do, or accept only games that conform to the owner’s personal beliefs

Sweeney’s change in views does come off as odd, as just last year Sweeney denounced the use of NFTs on their platform. In September of last year, he tweeted out:

The change in opinion is definitely odd, and as a man who has a considerable amount of influence over the gaming industry, this may not mean good news for those hoping that NFTs would die out.

Alongside Mojang, Valve also banned NFTs, blockchain, and any crypto technology from Steam last year. In an interview earlier this year, Gabe Newell stated:

The ways Blockchain technology has been utilized are currently are all pretty sketchy. And you sort of want to stay away from that.

While it’s definitely disappointing that Epic has made the decision not to ban NFTs, I’m glad that those such as Mojang and Valve are willing to put their foot down on the matter.

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