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Evil Dead: The Game Server Maintenance Due To New Update

by Abdul Wassay
Evil Dead The Game Server Maintenance

As the new update for it is releasing today, Evil Dead: The Game server maintenance is sure to be expected. If you are having problems logging into Evil Dead: The Game today, you can rest easy knowing you are not the only one having problems, and it is due to server maintenance. Due to a message posted earlier today, we can see the servers for Evil Dead the game are down to server maintenance as we will be getting new content today.

Evil Dead: The Game is a 2022 survival horror game based on the Evil Dead franchise. It was developed and published by Saber Interactive. It offers co-op gameplay and player-versus-player combat. The previous update made it, so parties are now maintained between games, so there was no longer any need to re-invite your friends to each match. This will bring the Plaguebringer demon to the game as well as new survivors like David Allen and Mia. As you can see, all platforms are affected, and there is a set of fixes that will be deployed during the outage.

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