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A Fall Guys Rip-Off Is Dominating iPhone’s Charts

by Abdul Wassay
Fall Guys Free To Play Cover Art

Fall Guys, the game that blew up and died, has now blown up once again. After going free-to-play and introducing new features, such as a brand new battle pass. All this has made the game skyrocket in popularity again and has caused thousands of new players to join the game. But it seems as though not everyone can experience Fall Guys, so why not go for the next best thing? Well, the next best thing for a lot of people seems to be a Fall Guys clone titled “Stumble Guys”.

Enter The Stumbling

Stumble Guys is, in all honesty, a Fall Guys clone. Stumble Guys was developed by Kitka Games, based in Finland. The game launched worldwide in January 2021 and seems to be a hit. Before a short while ago, the game’s success was decent, but with how popular Fall Guys has gotten again recently, it’s only fair to assume that a clone of the game would get popular as well.

Although nobody expected how popular, the game is reported to have been downloaded 163 million times and has generated $21 million during its lifetime. The game has risen to be top 10 in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

Why No Legal Action?

Despite the similar colorful aesthetics, character designs, and the same premise, no legal action has been taken against Stumble Guys. Well, Fall Guys isn’t even on phones and that’s probably due to the long-going legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. Epic Games now is the publisher of Fall Guys, so it’s understandable why there’s no version of Fall Guys on iPhones. On a platform where their game is inaccessible, it’s no wonder someone saw the opportunity to make a clone.

One thing should be noted, as there technically is a version of Fall Guys for phones. The Chinese company, Bilibili, secured rights to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys in China.

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