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FIFA 23 Marvel Crossover Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
FIFA 23 Marvel Crossover Leaked

FIFA 23 Marvel Crossover just might be happening. When it releases, FIFA 23 may feature a crossover with Marvel Studios of all things. Although unintentionally, the upcoming game is being noticed by a lot of people. Earlier in the week, EA started to reveal new information regarding the game, they also showcased the new cover art for the upcoming game. In addition to the traditional male cover art of the game, FIFA 23 also showcased a female cover art as well, which featured Australian player Sam Kerr. One more thing EA confirmed is that the game won’t feature any Russian teams or clubs, which is a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

A new FIFA 23 leak suggests that things are going to get a lot more interesting, as the game might feature a crossover with Marvel. On Twitter, a user by the name of “FUT23News” posted a leaked image from EA. The leaked image suggested that FIFA 23 will feature a crossover with Marvel. The crossover is for a new feature called “FUT Heroes”, and a webpage regarding it revealed the following:

Bring football’s fan favourites back to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as FUT Heroes, with special items that represent the memorable moments in their career that made them cult legends.

As of right now, only three players are currently known to be a part of FUT Heroes. Those three are Ricardo Carvalho, Park Ji-Sung, and Yaya Touré. While this doesn’t clear up how FIFA 23 will feature a crossover with Marvel, it seems as though we will get information regarding this later as EA is trying to keep everything under wraps for now. Although it seems unlikely that we’ll see Marvel heroes such as Iron Man and Thor duking it out on the field, so perhaps we’ll be getting something closer to new gear, which players can equip, or it may be related to a Marvel event as well.

FIFA 23 will release on September 30th, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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