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Final Fantasy VII #WhatFFVIIMeansToMe Event Announced By Square Enix

Celebrating The 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII

by Abdul Wassay
Final Fantasy VII Cover Art

Announced on Twitter, Square Enix has just announced a new event related to Final Fantasy VII, in celebration of Final Fantasy VII’s 25th anniversary. The #WhatFFVIIMeansToMe event is meant to celebrate the legacy of Final Fantasy VII, and the lasting impact it had on both players and the gaming industry as a whole. There’s no doubt that Final Fantasy VII has been life-changing for a lot of people, so it only makes sense that after 25 years, Square Enix celebrates what it means to them.

 A Monument Of Gaming

Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was a success. Not just commercially but critically as well, the game was praised for its gameplay and its amazing story. Ever since its release, Final Fantasy VII’s influence has reached every single corner of the gaming industry. Not only did it change the JRPG genre, it just changed gaming as a whole.

Ever since its release, Final Fantasy VII has been constantly touching the hearts of fans, so it only makes sense that for the game’s 25th anniversary, players tell what Final Fantasy VII means to them, and how this game changed their lives. With a story whose main story theme still holds to this very day, even newer fans who got into the franchise recently can join in.

Players can post a short video of themselves explaining what this game means to them, post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #WhatFFVIIMeansToMe and tag @FinalFantasyVII.

We’ve got a lot of Final Fantasy VII news this summer, along with a sequel to the Final Fantasy VII Remake getting announced, called Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. Along with the sequel, Square Enix has announced a remaster of 2007’s Crisis Core, called Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, which is set to release in winter this year. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is set to release in Winter 2023.

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