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Fortnite Adds Mighty Thor And Thor Odinson Skins In Fortnite Gods Of Thunder Pack

by Abdul Wassay
Fortnite Gods Of Thunder Pack

Thor: Love And Thunder has arrived in theatres today, and while fans wait to watch the new Marvel movie, they can also play as the new Mighty Thor And Thor Odinson in Fortnite.

Thor Comes To Fortnite

Marvel and Fortnite have a history together. Back in 2018, Fortnite released a new game mode in which players could play as Thanos. This was made to celebrate the then recently released Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since then, Marvel and Fortnite have been on good terms with each other, with Fortnite even being featured in Avengers: Endgame.

Fortnite has been releasing skins based on Marvel’s superheroes for a while now, such as the recently released Dr. Strange for Dr. Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness. Well, Fortnite seems to be continuing that tradition, as today Fortnite has released a new bundle to coincide with the release of Thor: Love And Thunder.

Fortnite has released an entirely new bundle titled “Gods Of Thunder”, where players can get the skins of Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor (Jane Foster). Both of the skins have a cool lightning effect on them. Players can also get two new pickaxes that are based on the Marvel movie, those being the reformed Mjolnir pickaxe and the Stormbreaker pickaxe. The reformed Mjolnir pickaxe even has a new emote built-in to it called “Bring The Hammer Down”. Both pickaxes can also be used as flight gliders, and they can only be used by people who are considered worthy. Those include the original Thor skin and Captain America. Lastly, players will also get a new loading screen titled “Gods Of Thunder”. All in all, the bundle will cost players 2500 V-Bucks

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, and Xbox One

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