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Fortnite X Dragon Ball Crossover Supposedly Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Cover Art

As time goes on, more and more data miners of Fortnite become positive that the game is going to experience a crossover with Dragon Ball soon. A Fortnite X Dragon Ball wouldn’t be all that unbelievable, as more recently, the battle royale shooter has had a crossover with Naruto. More recently, we’ve gotten more information about this supposed collaboration, such as when it’s going to release, and what characters will be added to the game. One of the details suggests that the crossover may be released during the second half of August.

The newest info regarding the supposed collaboration comes from a Twitter user name MidaRado, who specializes in Fortnite news. He claimed on Thursday that there’s a Dragon Ball event that’s planned to be released near the end of summer, in late August. He cited unnamed sources while doing so.

Quite soon, players began speculating and wondered what types of skin might be available. They wanted to see what would happen if players had both a Goku skin and a Vegeta skin, to acquire something like Gogeta or Vegito skins. Even though the last two skins may not be confirmed, it’s almost certainly a given that if there is going to be a Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover, Goku and Vegeta will be in it.

Another person named HYPEX, who shares news regarding Fortnite, suggested that due to what past events have done, there probably are going to be four skins for this collaboration. Goku and Vegeta are obvious, they’re the two most important characters in the franchise. The skins regarding fusions could end up happening, but Dragon Ball has such a wide variety of characters that it’s hard to imagine characters such as Frieza or Krillin being left out. We’ll most likely see the Super Saiyan forms of Goku and Vegeta as well, probably as power-ups of some kind.

Fans are getting very excited about this rumored event, as you can see here.

But this is all just speculation, as there’s nothing confirmed by Epic Games. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but seeing as how the new Dragon Ball movie,  Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, there’s a definite chance for a Fortnite crossover of some kind.

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