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Funtasia Will Release On Nintendo Switch

by Abdul Wassay
Funtasia Cover Art

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Fantastico Studio have announced that Funtasia will be seeing a release on Switch this month. It’ll be out on September 29, 2022. Funtasia is a side-scrolling 2D racing game where players will need to drive as fast as possible to reach the finish line.

Funtasia is a 2D side-scrolling racing game developed by Fantastico Studio with a simple goal, get to the finish line as fast as possible. Players have to help save the beautiful, eco-sustainable world of Funtasia and its furry inhabitants from certain death under tons of space debris. Funtasia is simple to pick up and play but challenging to master, it’s all about timing and balance.

The race track undulates, and you are separated from the finish line by hills, pits, bridges, quicksand, cliffs, and caves. Reaching the destination requires balancing the gas, brakes, and the car itself just right. Players should keep in mind that there is no stopping, only going fast, as the car battery is not known for its longevity.

Funtasia consists of the following features:

  • Master 40 different cars with their performance, challenges, and quirks.
  • Survive boss battles with enemies that are equally twisted and vile.
  • Brave the Furry Road all alone or as a duo with co-op or challenge modes.
  • Challenge players from around the world in online leaderboards to take the top spot in speed driving.
  • Experience the fantastic art style of Italian artist Emanuele Olives, who drew inspiration from Heinz Edelmenn‘s work on Adventure Time and Troma.

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