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How To Get Master Chief In Fall Guys?

Halo X Fall Guys Is Here!

by Bilal Tariq
Fall Guys Halo Master Chief Costumes

After the release of The Spartan Showdown event on June 30, Halo announced the addition of two legendary characters: Master Chief and the Arbiter to be released in the Fall Guys as part of The Spartan Showdown event. Now the question arises: Are we going to get Master Chief free of cost in Fall Guys after completing the challenges during the Spartan Showdown event?

How to Buy Master Chief In Fall Guys

Can you get Master Chief in Fall Guys for Free? The answer is simply NO. To buy Master Chief, you need to have 1200 Show Bucks in the Fall Guy’s in-game currency. If you don’t have the Show Bucks in your account, you can buy 1200 Show Bucks for roughly $10.

Once you have the Show Bucks in your account,  select the store tab from the top and you will see Master Chief and other Halo characters in the Featured tab. Select the Master Chief and press X or Enter to buy.

Fall Guys Spartan Bundle

Buying all three premium outfits individually can cost you roughly 4500 Show Bucks. But luckily, you can buy all three outfits: Master Chief, Brute Chieftain and Grunt + Grunt Panic Emote for roughly 2500 Show Bucks.

This will be a relatively cheap option if you want to unlock all the outfits in the game. This will cost you $20 or £16, which is definitely a steal if you ask us.

Halo Characters history

The rights for Fall Guys were bought by the Epic Game last year in March and decided to make the game Free To Play. You still have to buy the in-game content and outfits through in-game purchases using Show Bucks since after Fall Guys went Free To Play this is the main revenue source for the game.

We are hoping that in near future, Epic Game will make these Halo characters free of cost but if it doesn’t then another option is to complete the challenges like The Spartan Showdown event to unlock items. In the past events, you had a chance to use both option to either buy using game currency or complete challenges to unlock Halo outfits.

Before the Fall Guys went Free To Play, you have to pre-register to unlock a specific item.

Legacy Players

If you are a Legacy player, you can participate in Battle Pass for free to earn Show Buck.  You can only use the earned Show Bucks to buy the next season’s Battle Pass and if you fully level up, you will have some Show Bucks left to buy the Halo Outfits.

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