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God Of War Ragnarok Not Delayed, No Announcement Planned for Tomorrow

God Of War Producer Cory Barlog Addresses The Rumors!

by Bilal Tariq
God Of War Ragnarok Not Delayed Says Cory Barlog

Have you ever heard of killing someone in anticipation? Yes, that’s exactly what is happening with the release of God of War Ragnarok. Up until now, we were thinking about this game as a lost cause as every aspect of the game was shrouded in mystery. The developers have also refused to reveal any concrete updates regarding the release date of God Of War Ragnarök.

Much to add the insult to the injury, this is one of the most-awaited games because previous games to this franchise have proven themselves already by winning many awards. Since it is being developed by Santa Monica Studio, the first-party studio for Sony Interactive Entertainment so we know it will be going to be something definitely worth waiting for.

And we have seen what happens when the developers lack communicative abilities and fans of the franchise get no direct updates from the developers about the possible release date of the game, they start making rumors. Because the good half of 2022 is gone already, fans thought the game is not getting released in 2022. one fan made a tweet to the game developer Cory Barlog expressing his raw feelings.

He wanted Cory to confess to the never coming game, but Cory replied back clearing all the rumors. He replied:

The game is not delayed but he did not announce any time and date when the game is going to be released.

After seeing the tweets from the game Producer Corey Barlog, the fans got excited that the game is finally back from the dead and is getting released soon. So, they made another assumption that the reveal is tomorrow which is what every fan wants.

The fans should have already stopped with the simple assurance that the game is coming and will be announced soon. You know how the world is nowadays. There is no certainty about anything much less a game.

Since Cory knew that he has stirred the old soup, and he must make an official announcement regarding the possible release of the game and that’s what he did. He took to Twitter to make a small announcement addressing the fans of the God of War franchise.


The fans should hold their horses and be patient about the game. As Cory said, he will update us when he has a set date to announce. We will be updating you when we will be getting a definitive date about the release.

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