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Half-Life 2 VR Beta Release Date Has Been Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Half-Life 2 VR Beta Release Date

Half-Life 2 VR beta release date has been confirmed. Half-Life 2 VR is a Half-Life two mod that implements support for virtual reality in Valve’s critically acclaimed first-person shooter. The mod has recently gotten a confirmed release date, or more accurately, release dates. While we still don’t know if the mod will be available to players through Steam, it does look like a cool idea and seems like a fun way to play this classic again.

Source VR Mod Team, the developers behind the mod, did recently confirm that the public beta for Half-Life 2 VR will release sometime in September. Now here’s the tricky part, they did not confirm the exact release date, but the Source VR Mod Team did state that Half-Life 2 VR will launch on a Friday. From this, we can deduce that the game will land on any one of the following dates:

  • September 2nd
  • September 9th
  • September 16th
  • September 23rd
  • September 30th

It would be great if the first Friday is the date when the game launches, but we might have to end up waiting till the end of the month to play the game. Still, the mod is exciting,  Half-Life 2 is one of the greatest video games of all time, and being able to play this game with a fresh coat of paint sounds appealing, especially after how good Half-Life: Alyx turned out.

One thing that you should note is that Half-Life 2 VR has only recently left, and the September release will be a beta version of the mod, which will most probably contain bugs and glitches. The Source VR Mod Team has ambitious plans, such as utilizing AI upscaling to make the resources and surfaces in Half-Life 2’s levels more details and making further changes to the weapon stockpile. . There are also plans to carry VR to Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two, and the developers are hoping to get Half-Life 2 VR approved on Steam, but as of now that decision lies in the hands of Valve, who haven’t stated anything yet.

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