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Halo Infinite Fans Bash This Weeks On Halo Infinite Challenge Reward

by Abdul Wassay
Halo Infinite Season 2 Cover Art

Halo Infinite has had a rocky start, to say the least, but the game has finally found its footing. Well, almost. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been an absolute blast for people, and 343 encourages players to keep playing due to Halo Infinite challenge reward. There’s a Halo Infinite Weekly Ultimate Challenge that players are encouraged to complete. Doing so will allow players to earn Halo Infinite Weekly Reward, which changes every time.

A  Horrible Reward

Halo Infinite is no stranger to strange rewards. Since its launch, the game has had rewards such as a Cat Ears helmet, to items that feature Microsoft Clippy. These all were loved by fans, and it showed that the developers care enough to make their game exciting and fun for players, but the latest Ultimate Challenge rewards seem to have fallen short of that aim.

Fans find the reward of this week to be laughably bad, and admittedly The Rakshasa Sapphire Front visor doesn’t seem all that amazing, with the entire picture showing off the visor having this grey and washed-out color palette. Furthermore, some fans pointed out that not only is it hard to see, but players also won’t be able to see it themselves during normal gameplay, because the game is an FPS. Despite the disappointment, none of the fans are all that mad, because despite the ugly reward it’s gonna be changed just in a week, for next week’s Ultimate Challenge reward.

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