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Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition

Just recently, we’ve gotten confirmation regarding details about the Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition after the details were leaked. After being shrouded in mystery for so long, we’ve got new info about Hogwarts Legacy recently. This week we got a brand new black magic-focused trailer. One of the other pieces of info we got was a leak stating that the Hogwart’s Legacy Collectors Edition will cost $350 in the US.

Following a new dark magic-focused Hogwarts Legacy trailer at Gamescom, Australian retailer EB Games appears to have revealed the contents of the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition. In addition to the content of the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition, which offers mounts, cosmetics, and 72 hours of early access to the game, the Collector’s Edition comes with a steel book case and a life-size “floating” wand that sits on a based sculpted after a magical tome. The entire package will be shipped in a collector’s edition box with the game’s logo.

While the EB Games listing appears to have surfaced early, the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account has hinted that the Collector’s Edition will be officially revealed today. Following the leak, the game’s community manager, Chandler Wood, took to Twitter and seemingly confirmed the package’s contents, though he did reveal another detail.

EB Games’ listing says the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition will cost players just under AUS$500. So a quick currency conversion would mean the bundle would set players back at $350 in the US or just under £300 in the UK. This concerned some players, but Wood confirmed that this price was not correct in USD and that the Australian price conversion was not accurate. The inflated price in the region is a result of the much higher tax bracket that is regularly applied to computer hardware and software, including video games, which can significantly increase prices.

Later, Wood confirmed to Hogwarts Legacy some information regarding Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders, which stated that the USD price of the Collector’s Edition would be $300. While not as expensive as the conversion suggested, it’s still enough to have some players sticking to the deluxe edition.

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