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Iron Man Game Might Be In Development

by Abdul Wassay
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Iron Man Game

Last month, there was news that a new Iron man game might be in development at Electronic Arts. Rumors began circulating that it would be revealed at yesterday’s Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, but that turned out to be untrue. Still, there may be hope yet.

Jeff Grubb confirmed today that it won’t be long before details of the Iron Man game goes live. He expects the Iron Man game to be released before the Black Panther game is talked about.

The Black Panther game is known to be in development at EA Redmond, which was founded by former Monolith Productions head Kevin Stephens. We were curious to see which studio would take the helm of Iron Man; interestingly, Grubb said that EA Motive will take care of it when they are done with the Dead Space remake.

As you may remember, EA Motive was founded by former Ubisoft CEO Jade Raymond about seven years ago. Their first task was to help DICE with Star Wars Battlefront II, specifically taking the lead in creating the single-player campaign. After merging with BioWare Montréal Motive went on to develop the space combat game Star Wars Squadrons, released in 2020. Seeing as how they have experience in the field of single-player games and licensed games as well, it’ll be interesting to see how well they manage the IP.

We don’t know any concrete details about their Iron Man game yet. However, some believe that Electronic Arts would do well to give them access to Anthem’s flying mechanics, which seem like a good fit for an Iron Man game.

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