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Kona II Brume Release Date Announced, Releasing In 2023

by Abdul Wassay
Kona II Brume Cover Art

Kona II Brume release date has just been announced. Developer Parabole and publisher Ravenscourt are teaming up again to make a sequel to the 2016 adventure game, Kona. Developed on a Kickstarter budget, the game was released in 2016, to mixed reception. Well now, Parabole is developing a sequel. The sequel is titled Kona II: Brume. You can check out the Kona II: Brume trailer below:

Kona II: Brume Plot Details

Along with the trailer, the developers also gave a brief overview of the details of the game. The game is set in 1970, in Northern Quebec. A mysterious mist called the Brume is affecting the residents of a mining village, but nobody knows its origins. Players will once again step back into the shoes of Detective Carl Faubert, as he explores the many mysteries of Kona. Players will journey across the frozen and snowy regions of Northern Canada, and they will not be entirely alone. They will encounter other characters who have been stranded out in the snow, as they’re all victims of an avalanche. Players will use any means at their disposal to investigate the truth behind the Brume.

Some other details include:

  • Exploration across the fictional town in Northern Canada called Manastan. Players will have to journey across the ruined village and fight to stay alive. Players will search for clues in areas such as wooden shacks, and be able to visit other locations using a dog sledge. Looking at the screenshots, it seems as though players will also be able to use a boat to journey across lakes.
  • Investigation will also play a key role in the story. Players will use Carl’s journal to investigate clues and details carefully, piecing together the story behind the Brume.
  • The game will also feature survival aspects. The lands are frozen cold and the Brume is harsh, relentless, and mysterious. Not only will players have to fight off the cold, but they’ll also have to fight against the wildlife and even their nightmares.

Kona II will release in 2023 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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