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Lost Ark Tier 2 Islands Guide

by Hamza Qayyum
Lost Ark Tier 2 Islands Guide

Lost Ark’s tier system works a little differently compared to other popular MMORPGs out in the global market. Although this rich and addicting progression system encourages you to explore and understand the leveling mechanics of the game, oftentimes, this system causes a few glints of confusion for both new and experienced MMORPG players, making it a chore to find the ideal location for grinding in order to progress through the game.

This is especially the case when you reach Tier 2 in Lost Ark, which unlocks a multitude of new continents, materials, and of course, tier 2 islands Lost Ark. Many players also ask ‘What are the best islands in Lost Ark?’ So, if you want to learn those efficient routes to carve your way up to Tier 2, as well as gain knowledge about the right islands to spend time in, you’ve come to the right place! Follow the Lost Ark Tier 2 Islands Guide below:

Road To Tier 2: What You Need To Know

First things first, what level does T2 start in Lost Ark? The short answer is that you need to have the following:

  • At least an Item Level of 802 after completing the main storyline in Tier 1’s last continent, Rohendel
  • A Gear Score of +15, which you can obtain from the upgrade materials on Tier 1 islands

These 2 requirements boost you up to Tier 2, giving access to lost ark t2 islands, Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids, followed by 2 new unlocked continents – Yorn and Feiton. Apart from that, Tier 2 also introduces new items and collectibles, such as Gems, which can be attached with jewelry items such as earrings and necklaces to give certain buffs like damage or cooldown buffs.

Lost Ark Yorn and Feiton Continents Unlocked

Lost Ark Yorn and Feiton Continents Unlocked

Keep in mind that Tier 2’s main purpose is to prepare the player for Tier 3, which requires veteran knowledge and skill to handle the arenas in that tier, so discovery is key to making Tier 2 a worthwhile experience as it provides the players with many more options to strengthen their gear.

How Do I Get To Tier 2 The Fastest In Lost Ark?

Tier 1’s main grinding spots usually pertain to Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons. These 10-minute action-packed adventures give you a generous amount of loot and EXP to increase your Item level and Gear Score. But there are also a few Tier 1 islands scattered around the map that are another primary source to gain a huge number of valuable upgrade materials to help you on your journey. So here’s a list of all the necessary islands you can explore to get to Tier 2 the quickest way possible:

  1. Dreamgull Island
  2. Fantasm Island
  3. Glacier Island
  4. Panda Island
  5. Shadow Island
  6. Starlight Isle
  7. Serenity Isle
  8. Toto Silver Island
  9. White Wave Island

You can visit these islands in any order for Tier 1 materials. Blitz through encounters and bosses; before you know it, you’ll have enough resources to begin your Tier 2 run!

Tier 2 Begins: Honing Materials & Life Leapstones

Of course, your journey is still far from over. You first need to use the Gear Transfer to convert your Tier 1 equipment to Tier 2 equipment. This will drop your item equipment level, but it’ll make them eligible to use in Tier 2; plus, the materials you’ll get from your Tier 2 expedition will yield much better stats and upgrade margins.

A common question for many players who reach this milestone is, “How do I farm for Tier 2 In Lost Ark?” As mentioned earlier, Tier 2 unlocks 2 new continents and many more dungeons and raids. Fortunately, the exact progression route from Tier 1 carries forward to Tier 2. Tier 2’s unlocked islands have a large number of Tier 2 honing materials which you can give to the Gear Upgrade NPCs to boost your Gear score.

Honing your gear requires you to have a certain item called a Leapstone. These leapstones not only determine the chance of success of your honing attempt, but they also upgrade certain tier weapons and items.

The leapstones you previously used for honing in Tier 1 were called Harmony leapstones. Now, they’ll be called Life leapstones in Tier 2. Similar to Harmony leapstones, there are multiple ways to get Life leapstones so you can hone your gear carefree. The common sources to obtain these stones are your typical Tier 2 Abyss dungeons and Guardian raids. However, Una’s daily tasks and Guardian Raids will give you a better yield for leapstones.

How Do You Get Tier 2 Leapstones?

Leapstones and Honing materials are generally found around the same areas. Apart from the Abyss dungeons and Guardians raids, there are numerous Tier 2 islands in Arkesia where you can farm leapstones and honing materials in large numbers.

Lost Ark Tier 1 Leapstone - Harmony

Lost Ark Tier 1 Leapstone – Harmony

Lost Ark Tier 2 Leapstone - Life

Lost Ark Tier 2 Leapstone – Life

The Roadmap For Tier 2: What Are The Best Islands?

Given below is the list of 9 Tier 2 islands you should absolutely explore to get a headstart and obtain some sweet honing materials to boost your power and gear score. Some of these islands also have daily quests, so you can explore them regularly as a farming strategy.

1. Aiwana Island Guide

Lost Ark Aiwana Island Location

Lost Ark Aiwana Island Location

Aiwana Island is located North of West Luterra, which is towards the bottom side of the map. To begin your adventure, you’ll first need to activate ‘The Perfect Getaway’ questline located West inside the Origin of Stern region in the Arthetine Continent.

From there, you’ll progress towards Peyto and later reach Aiwana Island. Once you reach there, complete all the quests – Island of Dreams, Unforgettable Night, and The Ultimate Vacation – on the island for massive rewards, which will roughly take 15 minutes per quest to complete.

2. Distorted Island Guide

Lost Ark Distorted Island Location

Lost Ark Distorted Island Location

The Distorted Island is an exploration-based island located towards the Northwest of Rethramis. Here, you can go on the only available quest, Dimension Walker Mephisto, in exchange for a few Lavish Guardian Stone, Lavish Leapstone, and Lavish Destruction Stone Chests.

Note: Remember that there is a secret passage east of the main island gate, so don’t miss it if you want to start this quest!

3. Fomona Island Guide

Lost Ark Fomona Island Location

Lost Ark Fomona Island Location

Once again, towards the Northwest of East Luterra port, we have the hidden island of Fomona. This is a relatively quick island to complete, taking around 10 minutes to finish with a Fomona Island Token, a great Tier 2 reward, accompanied by a few smaller rewards. You can also look for 5 Mokoko seeds scattered across the island to exchange them for items like potions, blueprints, and cards.

An interesting point to note is that you can do all the quests on this island again if you return here with a different character of a different gender. You’ll get the same rewards again, and for the little time it takes to complete all the quests here, that is quite a bargain.

4. Gravis Island Guide

Lost Ark Gravis Island Location

Lost Ark Gravis Island Location

Gravis is an island Northeast of Punika offering a few Tier 2 chests, a vitality and stat potion, and a quest that’ll lead to you another great farming island for Tier 2, Hypnos’s Eyes. You can start off your journey here by first completing The Ultimate Vacation quest on Aiwana Island, which will then lead you to Revelry Row and finally end up in Gravis where you complete this chained quest. Overall, this island is a 10 to 15 minute expedition for various Tier 2 loot obtained along the way.

5. Gesbroy Island Guide

Lost Ark Gesbroy Island Location

Lost Ark Gesbroy Island Location

Gesbroy is a Mokoko seed-based island located East of Yorn. The reason it’s focused on Mokoko seeds is that there are a total of a whopping 9 Mokoko seeds on the island. So exploration is definitely the way to go here if you want to utilize this map to its full potential.

There are hourly co-op missions available on the map, so check in every hour using your in-game clock to collect some extra loot, along with an easy daily quest that you can perform if you wish. You can also participate in a few other quests on the island, such as ‘The Wide World of Beer’ and ‘A Grand Old Time,’ which reward you with exclusive items and numerous outfits.

6. Hypnos’s Eyes Island Guide

Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Island Location

Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Island Location

Hypnos’s Eyes is another island found Northeast of the Punika continent, right under Gravis. The main quest on this island is Blue-Eyed Calvusus’ travel quest, giving you many goodies such as Giants’ Hearts and the Tragon ship along the way, with the final reward the Hypnos’s Eyes Soul.

Combined with all the other mini-quests, this island should take you around 30 to 40 minutes to complete. There is also a daily quest here which you can regularly complete for extra leapstones.

7. Liebeheim Island Guide

Lost Ark Liebeheim Island Location

Lost Ark Liebeheim Island Location

Liebeheim is another island located North of West Luterra and right above the aforementioned Aiwana Island. Most of the quests here will connect you to Shushire so you might need to do some running around between the North and South end of the map. This island should take around 1 hour or under to complete with multiple Tier 2 rewards as compensation for your labor.

8. Revelry Row Island Guide

Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Location

Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Location

Revelry Row is a nightclub island situated towards the Southwest of North Vern. This is a particularly small island in terms of content, as you need only to complete one of Una’s daily quests, The Unbreakable Beat, to receive the Revelry Row Soul.

In addition to that, you can also look for 2 Mokoko seeds hidden on the island and complete The Ultimate Vacation quest on Aiwana Island.

9. Twilight Isle Island Guide

Lost Ark Twilight Isle Island Location

Lost Ark Twilight Isle Island Location

Twilight Isle is a crystal-rewarding map Northwest of Rethramis, containing a few small-scale quests and a dungeon with good rewards that’ll take you around 30 minutes to fully complete.

Note: You can search out all these islands plus many more from the search bar on the top right of the Map screen to further pinpoint the exact locations.

By the end of the expedition to all these, you’ll be more than ready to reach Tier 3 and tackle all the challenges it presents!

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