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Mario Kart Anniversary Opens Up Fan Discussion

by Abdul Wassay
Mario Kart Anniversary

The history of Mario Kart is now 30 years old and fans are excited for the Mario Kart anniversary. On August 27, 1992, Super Mario Kart debuted, turning the SNES’s speed limitations to its advantage. Rather than lightning-fast racing cars, competitors took to the track in go-karts. And to make up for its relatively leisurely pace, they gave drivers weapons to disrupt each other, popularizing a new subgenre: the go-kart racer.

To celebrate, Nintendo has asked fans of the franchise what their favorite game in the series is. It should come as no surprise that Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. It’s the perfect party game that is fun and challenging but not so serious that a loss hurts. It’s a series that has been beloved by people, even those who don’t keep up with gaming and still has fans among the most hardcore. Mario Kart turns 30 this week, and it makes complete sense for fans to wonder what their favorite game in the franchise was.

While Mario Kart seems to have a lot of challenges to its throne that have tried to replicate its formula, and while some are great, no game has come close to challenging Mario Kart’s throne. Some of that comes simply from Mario’s fame, but it guarantees Nintendo’s continued success. While the cute, recognizable characters and colorful race tracks may give Mario Kart the edge, there’s no denying that the series has earned its place on the podium.

While racing may seem like a simple genre, sim racers like Gran Turismo are constantly pushing the boundaries of technical fidelity and realistic physics, but the core mechanics will always look more or less the same, but Mario Kart tries to be different each time. Each entry in the series feels like a real step forward from the last, not just an improvement. Obviously, the graphics are increasing with leaps in hardware, but more importantly, their developers are finding new ways to shake up the already successful series

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