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Marvel’s Avengers Teases New Heroes

by Bilal Tariq
Marvel's Avengers Cover Art

Crystal Dynamics released The Mighty Thor in the V2.5 patch of Marvel’s Avengers last week but fans have been complaining that Thor looks very close to Jane Foster and Hawkeye looks close to Kate Bishop in the game. Fans have been craving a new style of heroes in Marvel’s Avengers.

Brian Waggoner, Marvel’s Avengers Design Lead replied to the fan who asked if there will be a new style of characters added to Marvel’s Avengers. He replied to the tweet “Next Hero is New” meaning that the design team at Marvel’s Avengers is working hard to make new characters with unique abilities.

Even if the last tweet by Brian Waggner was not assuring enough for the release of the new characters in Marvel’s Avengers, He announced in another tweet that he is excited for the future of Marvel’s Avengers. He also confirmed that there will be a lot of new heroes and with that many new stories to tell.

Crystal Dynamic has confirmed the new feature OLT (Omega Level Threat) in Marvel’s Avengers that will be linked with the Cloning Lab. So players can expect more endgame content in Marvel’s Avengers. To support all the new content, Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed the release of a big new patch.

Brian Waggoner also confirmed in a tweet that new patch 2.6 will not be as quick as previous patches because of the new content added.

Now that we know all about the confirmation release of new characters but we don’t know which character will be released in Marvel’s Avengers. There are rumors that there will be female versions of the Hulk She-Hulk coming to the game.

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