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Melty Blood: Type Lumina Update 1.3.3 Patch Notes

by Abdul Wassay
Melty Blood Type Lumina Update 1.3.3

Another update has been released for Melty Blood: Type Lumina, this time, it’s Melty Blood: Type Lumina update  1.3.3. Today’s update is largely about bug fixes. The game addresses issues involving multiple characters, systems, modes, and more.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is the newest entry in the Melty Blood franchise. Starting in 2002, the franchise was developed by French Bread and is heavily based on the visual novel, Tsukihime. The franchise sort of acts like a sequel to the original visual novel and has also become a staple in the fighting game genre. Just recently, the developers of Melty Blood released update 1.3.3, the patch notes of which are described below:

  • Fixed a bug in the following characters
    • Red Arcueid: Blowback Edge Standing C cannot be guarded in mid-air
    • Saber Fixed: First Air Add→→ was prone to unintended triggering
    • Mario: Blowback Edge Crouching B is easier to cancel
    • Neco-Arc: Aerial ↓+B changed to be able to shield back on landing
  • The following system bugs have been fixed
    • Shield
      Changed behavior when quickly pressing the D button twice
      Changed the behavior of shielding back in mid-air at low altitude
      Stopping time for shield failure guarding has been abolished.
    • Down-Left+C
      Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the opponent to not start moving faster than the opponent when offsetting with a jump attack.
    • Ground Throws
      Fixed a bug that prevented the throw from occurring at certain times.
    • Combo System
      Fixed a bug in which the no-tech duration for ground-bouncing techniques did not decrease correctly according to the length of the sequence.
      Fixed a bug in which the process of increasing the no-tech duration of jump attacks was also applied to unique skills in the air
      Fixed a bug in which the no-tech duration was shorter in some cases than in previous versions.
  • The following game mode bugs have been fixed
    • Ranked Match
      Fixed a bug that caused Rapid Beat Type to return to default after training standby ended.
    • Replay
      Fixed a bug where Rapid Beat Type was not properly reflected when recording replays in network mode.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

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