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Minecraft Bans NFTs

by Abdul Wassay
Minecraft Bans NFTs-Minecraft Cover Art

Minecraft bans NFTs, according to a new decision by the developers. The Minecraft developers, Mojang, have recently come out and stated that NFTs have no place in Minecraft. While a Minecraft NFT was the furthest thing from my mind, it seems as though some people were looking to make a quick buck, and Minecraft was gonna be how they do it. A Minecraft NFT ban is good at least because it warns not only players, but other developers as well about the unpredictable nature of NFTs, and how they’re almost always a scam.

Minecraft Bans NFTs

Minecraft is one of the biggest success stories of all time. A small indie game about mining and crafting in a blocky world has gone on to become one of the best-selling games of all time. A big part of Minecraft’s success can be credited to its community as well. Many mods, skins, and the like have been created, which have all become an essential part of Minecraft. Mojang knows this and has begun to prepare efforts to stop the spread of NFTs in Minecraft.

In an official statement by Mojang:

Some companies have recently launched NFT embeds associated with Minecraft world files and skin packs. Other examples of how NFTs and the blockchain could be used include creating collectible Minecraft NFTs that allow players to NFT about activities on a server – or earn Minecraft NTFs through out-of-game activities.

NFTs Go Against Minecraft

In another statement, the developers explained a bit further why they’re so against NFTs.

NFTs are not non-inclusive to our community and create a scenario where there are haves and have-nots. The speculative approach and investment mentality that surrounds NFTs shift the focus away from the game and toward profit. This is incompatible with the long-term fun and success of our players.

For these reasons, Mojang has banned NFTs from Minecraft.

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