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Motorola Edge 2022 Price Is Significantly Cheaper

by Abdul Wassay
Motorola Edge 2022 Price

Motorola Edge 2022 price is noticeably cheaper than before. The new Motorola Edge is cheaper than last year’s model, though it may have some work to do to make it stand out in the US market. The latest Motorola Edge 2022 price will start at around $500 but faces an increasingly crowded market for phones in this price range.

The new Motorola Edge was announced on Thursday. The Motorola Edge 2022 price starts at around $500 and includes some noticeable upgrades compared to the 2021 model’s Motorola Edge price, which started at $700. One of the new changes is that the display has shrunk slightly, from a 6.8-inch OLED panel to a 6.6-inch screen, though it retains last year’s 144Hz refresh rate and a fingerprint scanner underneath. The main rear camera has also been downgraded slightly, from 108 megapixels on the Edge 2021 to a 50-megapixel sensor on this year’s version. We’re still some time away from the Motorola Edge 2022 release date, but we’ve got some new info.

The Motorola Edge 2022 specs are different as well. Motorola says this year’s camera system should have improved autofocus and benefit from optical image stabilization and “omnidirectional” phase-detection autofocus. The company has increased the ultra-wide lens, which acts as a macro camera, from 8 to 13 megapixels. Like last year, both models feature a 2-megapixel depth camera and a 32-megapixel front-facing camera.

Another change in the Motorola Edge 2022 specs, which is also perhaps the biggest change, could be Motorola’s shift from Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to processors from Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek. Most US Android phones are equipped with Snapdragon chipsets, so the Edge represents a step forward for MediaTek as it looks set to grow in the country. The Edge doesn’t use MediaTek’s most powerful processor and instead packs the company’s Dimensity 1050.

This means Motorola’s new device is entering the increasingly crowded $500 phone market. In addition to options like the Samsung Galaxy A53, Google Pixel 6A, and Apple iPhone SE, wireless carriers continue to offer aggressive trade-ins and upgrades if people are willing to commit to a carrier for 24 or 36 months. Regardless, time will tell how the Motorola Edge fairs.

The Motorola Edge 2022 release date is September 2nd, 2022.

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