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Motorola Razr Event Canceled Last Minute

by Abdul Wassay
Motorola Razr Event Canceled

Motorola Razr Event canceled, according to the latest announcement. The upcoming Motorola event has been canceled, the event would’ve officially unveiled the Moto Razr 2022 and the X30 Pro, but it seems as though Motorola has decided to officially cancel the event altogether.

In the event, Motorola was slated to reveal the upcoming Moto Razr 2022 and the X30 Pro. But the Motorola event has officially been canceled, with no reason given. We haven’t even gotten an update regarding the event being rescheduled for a later date. We don’t have an update on when the phones are going to be launched either. The X30 Pro event canceled with no updates may mean that there’s a slight chance the phones may never see the light of day. It would be a shame, as the phones had garnered a lot of attention and were generating some hype as well.

The announcement came to the public by Motorola and Lenovo’s mobile general manager, Chen Jin. Chen Jin posted the announcement on Weibo, and below is what the translated post says:

I’m sorry to inform you that the Moto new product launch scheduled for 7:30 tonight has been canceled for some reason.

We are deeply sorry for this, and thank you for your enthusiastic support for Moto’s new products. For information about new products, you can continue to pay attention to Moto’s official information platform.

As stated prior, we have no reason for the cancellation of the event. We don’t know why the event was canceled, but one of the reasons may be the conflict between Taiwan and China that has been taking place. Motorola might have canceled the event due to the conflicts, which is certainly believable. At the time of writing this, Motorola hasn’t stated when the event will take place now, or if it is even happening at all.

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