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Motorola X30 Pro 200 Megapixel Camera Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Motorola X30 Pro 200 Megapixel

Motorola X30 Pro 200 megapixel camera has been revealed. Very recently, Motorola unveiled the Razr 2022. It’s a foldable phone and will give other phones like it, like Samsung’s, a run for its money. However, the company also unveiled another phone as well. It revealed the Motorola X30 Pro and has been confirmed to officially be the first phone equipped with a 200-megapixel camera.

The Motorola X30 Pro camera features the Samsung HP1 200-megapixel sensor, which was particularly released last year, and it can essentially opt to use all 200-megapixels as individual 0.64 micro pixels in a big way. The phone also features Samsung’s ChameleonCell pixel-binning tech, which can group 4 or 16 pixels into a single, pretty much larger pixel, which is particularly quite significant. These two technologies can turn the ISOCELL into a 50-megapixel sensor with 1.28-micron pixels, alternatively, it can also actually turn the ISOCELL into a 12.5-megapixel sensor with 2.56 micro pixels.

The smartphone also features several sorts of other features, which essentially make it fairly worth getting, definitely contrary to popular belief. If you buy the phone, it’ll come with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip subtly. The phone will also feature 125W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, contrary to popular belief. The Motorola X30 Pro also has a 6.7-inch 144Hz refresh rate display, which makes the scrolling experience smooth. Motorola has also actually claimed that the new wired charging standard will, for the most part, bring the Motorola X30 Pro to a 50% charge in just seven minutes, and a 100% charge in just 19 minutes, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief.

The Motorola X30 Pro seems like a great phone and has easily become one of the more powerful devices which will be launching this year. However, all this has been stated by the company themselves, so there’s still no guarantee it’ll turn out great, but we hope so. If you’re wondering how you can get the phone, you may be in bad luck, as the phone is going to release in China only, as far as we are aware.

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