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NCSoft announces Project M, A Heavy Rain Like Game Powered By Unreal Engine 5

A South Korean Made Interactive Movie Game Similar To Heavy Rain And Detroit: Become Human!

by Hamza Qayyum
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Project M Realtime Gameplay

A South Korean-based game developer NCSoft has recently announced their upcoming game, Project M with an official debut trailer. It is an interactive movie game similar to Quantic Dream titles like Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human. The game promises to provide stunning visuals and ultra-realistic graphics thanks to the next-gen Unreal Engine 5.

Project M Story:

Although we don’t have many details about Project M but according to NCSoft official blog post, Project M will feature a thrilling story campaign set in South Korea. In Project M, we will follow a character who is potentially taking revenge on people for the death/murder of his wife.

Player choices will matter a lot and will change each and every aspect of the game depending on the choices a player makes. The game will potentially feature multiple endings as well since according to the developers, the player choices will heavily influence the game’s ending too.

Project M Gameplay:

Project M’s gameplay is very similar to Quantic Games titles as it is looking to provide a hyper-realistic cinematic experience with the power of Unreal Engine 5. According to another NCSoft blog post, their own internal technology will power realistic motion capture and visual effects to provide a realistic grounded cinematic experience.

Project M Release Date:

Till now, we don’t have any concrete detail about the release date but the game is expected to be released somewhere in 2023. It will arrive on next-gen consoles in 2023 while the PC version hasn’t been confirmed or announced yet.

Closing Remarks:

Project M seems quite interesting and the visuals look nothing less than stunning. If you like story-rich games like Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, Until Dawn, or The Dark Pictures Anthology then you are definitely gonna like this one as this game seems promising.

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