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New Aliens Game Has Been Announced

by Abdul Wassay
A New Alien Horror Game Cover Art

A brand new Alien horror game has been announced. While a game about Aliens on PC and Aliens on consoles isn’t unheard of, it’s also been officially announced that the Aliens horror game will be on VR. The game is described as an action-horror video game and has been stated to be set between the events of the first two films.

Plot Details

As is the case with the films in the Alien franchise, the game is going to be set in space. The new Aliens game will feature a brand-new storyline, which is stated to be set between the events of the first two Alien films, Alien and Aliens. The plot has been described to feature a new protagonist. The new protagonist has been described as a “battle-hardened veteran”, it’s also described that the protagonist has a personal history with the Xenomorphs, and has a hatred towards them.

Besides these little snippets of details, not much is known about the plot. Some fans speculate that the game is going to be a sequel to 2014’s Alien: Isolation. Alien: Isolation ended on a cliffhanger that has never been resolved, and both games are set between the first two Alien films. However, seeing as the two games have different developers and publishers, it’s hard to imagine it happening.

Development Details

The brand new Aliens video game is being developed by Survios, who’ve previously made games such as “Creed: Rise To Glory”. Survios specializes in VR, as most of the titles they’ve released have either been VR exclusive or VR compatible. Given the company’s history, it’s no wonder the game will be playable on VR as well. Considering how Alien: Isolation was one as well, and seeing that this game is playable in VR, it’s no stretch to say that the game is going to be a first-person shooter as well.

The game will also be developed in Unreal Engine 5, and going by the official website of Survios, it seems as though they’re hiring a slew of developers to help move the game along.

As of right now, there’s no official release date, but seeing how it’s just been announced we’ll probably have to wait a couple of years before we hear another thing about the game.

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