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New PS5 Model Rumored To Release Soon

by Abdul Wassay
New PS5 Model

Earlier today, Japanese retailers revealed that a brand new PS5 model dubbed the CFI-1200 was launching on September 15th, but after some statements with a few retailers and those who recently picked up the consoles in Australia, it seems as though Australia is the first country to get the models again.

It has been reported that Sony has started revealing a new PS5 model that is much lighter than the current model, even if it’s not a PS5 Slim. The revised PS5 models are several hundred grams lighter than the current series. According to the leaks, the CFI-1202B, which is a digital PS5 model, and CFI-1202A, which is a disc PS5 model, have been available at retailers in Australia, which was also the first country to receive the previous console revision.

Companies revise hardware models all the time during a console’s lifespan, so this isn’t too surprising, they don’t advertise what’s changed unless it’s a major change, like an actual PS5 Slim would be. Therefore, it is too early to say what this new series brings. However, customers have reported that the new units are lighter.

There have been multiple reports and rumors that Sony is planning to release a PS5 slim, but nothing official has been stated yet. We’ve seen slimmer PS3 and PS4 models in the past, and as technology gets better, it’s only natural to assume a PS5 Slim will happen someday. As for the new models, this new digital range is 200 grams lighter, and the disc range is 300 grams lighter, a difference of 500 grams and 600 grams, respectively, from the launch models. As was stated by numerous sources, the PS5 disc now weighs what the digital console weighed when it launched in November 2020.

As for an official release date, Twitter user Renka_Schedule found out that the new models will start in Japan on September 15th. As for the rest of the world, it’s not clear when they’ll release, but they should follow soon after.

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