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Nvidia RTX 4000 Supposedly Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
Nvidia RTX 4000

Documents referencing the RTX 4090 reportedly show that Nvidia’s flagship GeForce graphics card is now in production. PC gamers around the world are waiting for Nvidia to unveil the first RTX 4000 GPU, which represents a new generation of GeForce graphics cards and a higher performance ceiling. It seems as if PC gamers won’t have to wait much longer, as recently leaked documents suggest that the RTX 4090 may already be in production.

The images were shared by harukaze5719 on Twitter, which appears to show a printed factory blueprint containing references to the RTX 4090 alongside some of its current generation counterparts, the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti. The document also includes dates for when individual GeForce graphics cards are scheduled to enter the production line and when they are expected to leave the production line, with the flagship RTX 4000 card entering the production phase on August 16th.

Unfortunately, the expected date is partially obscured, revealing only that some units of Nvidia’s graphics card from the upcoming line should be ready sometime this month. While there’s no proper word on the Nvidia RTX 4000 release date, at the very least, this suggests that we may be one step closer to the Nvidia RTX 4000 release date, which should kick off with the launch of the RTX 4090.

Nvidia still has not stated an official release date for the RTX 4000, so it seems we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see if these leaks are true or not. In the meantime, be sure to take all of this info with a grain of salt.

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