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NYXL Valorant Team Leaves Valorant Due To Franchising

by Abdul Wassay
NYXL Valorant Team Leaves Valorant

NYXL Valorant Team leaves Valorant, in an unsurprising reveal. NYXL, who were called Andbox, have recently confirmed that they are leaving Valorant for good and letting their NYFU players search for field offers. NYXL is just one of multiple organizations that have left Riot Games‘ esports before franchising. Multiple esports teams have left Valorant as Riot Games plans to start vetting future teams for the franchised Valorant league. The decision to go ahead and finally transition to a franchise has led to the outcome of some brands that can no longer be in Valorant esports in the future, although some teams have confirmed that they hope to return one day. As a result of the franchising, multiple players took to Twitter on July 20th to confirm that they are looking for new teams after they’re being allowed to seek out other options, with some being from NYXL, who confirmed that they are leaving the Valorant eSport.

NYXL Leaves Valorant

Multiple NYXL Valorant players confirmed on Wednesday that NYXL had decided to leave the Valorant scene, with multiple players confirming that they are looking for a new team. Andrew ‘ShoT_UP’ Orlowski and Diondre ‘YaBoiDre’ Bond are just some of the players who have notified the Valorant community regarding the news. Multiple reports indicate that teams are dropping out of Valorant esports after they unsuccessfully reached the next step of Riot’s application process on July 20th to enter its upcoming franchised league. ShoT_UP had this to say regarding the matter:

With the recent decisions being made for Valorant franchising, NYXL has decided to pull out of Val and with that, I am LFT open to playing any role. No hate to NYXL – they put in a ton of effort to produce high-quality content and their choice makes complete sense.

Teams who have failed to have been accepted into Riot’s premier venture in 2023 will miss out on international and regional leagues, which provide them with a continuous means of competition. Another thing that they’ll be losing is brand opportunities. NYXL is just one of many teams who have left Valorant, others include Shopify Rebellion and Akrew, and a few more teams will probably announce that they’re going to pull out too.

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