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One UI 5.0 Beta Coming To Samsung Galaxy S22 Devices

by Abdul Wassay
Galaxy S22 One UI 5.0 Beta

One UI 5.0 beta is soon coming to Galaxy S22 devices. After a long waiting time, Samsung has decided to launch its new One UI 5.0 beta for the Samsung Galaxy S22 devices. The beta is arriving later than what was expected; nevertheless, the new One UI 5.0 version will offer users the ability to run Android 13 on their Samsun smartphones.

It has been confirmed that Samsung’s One UI 5.0 will be running Android 13. Android 13 features a lot of changes to the operating system, although the cosmetic changes are very minor. This is due to the fact that for Android 13, Google focused less on the cosmetic aspect of the OS; instead, they’re putting all their efforts into the security of the firmware. The Android 13 update is currently only available to users in Germany.

So far, Samsung has not given many details regarding the Galaxy S22 One UI 5.0 beta. Not to worry, though, as we’re pretty sure the next Galaxy Unpacked is sure to have many details regarding the beta. There should also be a more formal announcement regarding the One UI 5.0 beta, so definitely be sure to keep an eye on that.

As for the changes we do know about the beta, the One UI 5.0 beta will feature bigger app icons in the notification center and will also feature increased background opacity. One other change is in the app permission pop-up, as that’s also been completely changed as well. Users will also be getting optical character recognition as well, and the speed of the animations, as well as their smoothness, has been improved dramatically.

For now, Samsung has confirmed that they’re going to be rolling out the One UI 5.0 beta in stages. For now, the One UI 5.0 will only be available for Samsung Galaxy S22 devices. Most likely, Samsung will add support for more phones in the future.

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