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Overwatch 2 Kiriko Support Hero Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Overwatch 2 Kiriko Support Hero

Blizzard has revealed the Overwatch 2 Kiriko support hero, who is the first of three new characters available when Blizzard’s Overwatch sequel launches in October. Kirko is a support type that acts as a damage dealer and healer. Kiriko will be the first character obtainable through the game’s Battle Pass for free.

The news came alongside an Overwatch 2 Kirko gameplay trailer. Kiriko was developed with Overwatch 2’s new 5v5 team compositions in mind, Associate Narrative Designer Kyungseo Min said in a developer update video revealing the new ninja’s abilities. Kiriko is described as a highly mobile single-target hybrid healer. He stated:

She is fast, and she can get to your little skirmishes, which happens a lot more often in 5v5 now, so she’s super effective.

Kiriko’s main role and function in the Overwatch 2 team is to heal and protect her allies. Her primary ability is Healing Ofuda, which allows her to throw paper talismans imbued with healing power that is cast upon allies. This should make it easier to help fast-moving heroes like Genji or flying teammates like Pharah and Mercy. This supports another ability called Swift Step, which allows Kiriko to teleport quickly through multiple walls to get close to allies in need of healing.

To show off her abilities, they also posted an Overwatch 2 Kirko gameplay trailer, which you can view below.

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