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Overwatch 2 Beta Teases An Upcoming Fox-Themed Hero

by Abdul Wassay
Overwatch 2 Cover Art

An Overwatch 2 beta easter egg has sent fans into detective mode. We already knew Overwatch 2 would be receiving new damage and tank heroes, Sojourn and Junker Queen respectively. But now, fans have gotten hints of a new hero, who is apparently fox themed. These hints have been going on for a while, first in the Xbox Showcase trailer, and now in a line of code that was revealed near the end of the beta.

The hints have been coming to us for a while, such as in the Overwatch 2 release date reveal trailer. In the trailer, we can see a blue, spirit-like fox hopping away and trying to escape from people trying to catch it. Shortly after that, Sojourn ad Junker Queen were both playable in beta but no mention of the fox happened, nothing even vaguely hinting at it.
However, it seems the fox has broken his silence. Yesterday, right before the Overwatch 2 beta ended and shut down, players spotted an odd message that appeared in the game’s chat box, right before it went offline as well. The message went as follows:
The code is a message that was written in Base64. Base64 is used in computer programming and is a binary-to-text encoding language. The equal signs at the end of the code were probably intentionally put there to let players easily figure out the message was in Base64.
Translating the code just tells us one message:
“What does the fox say?”
Yep, the Overwatch developers referenced a meme from 2013.
Given what we saw in the release date trailer, it seems as though we are getting a new hero in Overwatch 2 that is fox themed. It’s a cool easter egg, and possibly might be a confirmation for a new hero.

Overwatch 2 arrives on October 4th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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