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Overwatch Players Strike Mid-Series Due To An Accident

by Abdul Wassay
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Overwatch players strike mid-series, which has been revealed to be the cause of an accident. Very recently, the European bracket of Overwatch Contenders Summer Series 2022 took place. However, during the event, two teams refused to play, citing a huge error on Blizzard’s part as their reason.

The event took place during the upper bracket final between the teams 01_esports and Munich eSports. The match was stated as a best-of-seven series. This was highly irregular, as this is usually reserved for grand finals. To make sure that there wasn’t any mistake, one of the players from Munich reached out to an admin of the tournament and asked them to confirm. The admin confirmed that the match was indeed a best-of-seven, after which Munich played the series and picked up a 3-0 lead.

But 01 wasn’t gonna let themselves fail that easily. Realizing that they still had a shot at victory, they started to make a comeback. They picked themselves back up and pulled the series back to 3-2. However, Blizzard stepped in with some shocking news. The representative revealed that the series was meant to be a best-of-five and the winner would be Munich because of this. Unsurprisingly, finding out that the victory which could’ve been theirs was taken away from them due to a mistake that wasn’t even their fault, to begin with, made 01_esports quite unhappy.

As a response to Blizzard’s mistake and decision, 01 collaborated with their lower bracket rival Ex Oblivione. The two organized a strike. When both teams showed up to play their matches, both of them refused to. Instead, they sat idle and didn’t compete. The situation got so out of hand that a Blizzard representative once again stepped in, and this time he threatened to disqualify both teams for refusing to play.

As of now, Blizzard has released a statement regarding the matter. They admitted their mistake and announced that the series will continue on July 29, with Munich still in the lead with 3-2.

After investigating the circumstances, we have determined that maintaining consistency with our most recent communication to teams, which stated the match was a first-to-4 series, is the fairest course of action. As a result, the series will resume tomorrow, Friday, July 29th, as a first-to-4 series, with Munich Esports leading 3-2 and in possession of next map choice.

The incident itself is pretty humorous from an outside perspective, which hasn’t stopped others from making jokes about it.

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