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PlayStation 5 Beta Update Will Be Adding 1440p

by Abdul Wassay
PS5 System Software Update 22.02-06 Patch Notes

PlayStation 5 has been released for a while now, and now the console may finally be getting support for a new resolution. The PlayStation 5 Beta Update has added 1440p resolution support to the console, while the native resolution on the PS5 is 4K, the beta will be adding support for QHD resolution. For players who don’t have a 4K TV but a QHD/1440p one, this is great news, as the PlayStation beta update that has recently been released will have the option to have 1440p enabled as your native resolution. The beta update e-mails will start to go out today, so check your email to see if you’ve got one.

The PS5 Now Supports 1440p Resolution

We’ve even seen games run at 1440p and 60 FPS, such as Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, but as the PS5 didn’t support native 1440p support, it would upscale the image quality to 1440p so that it could look like it. The Last of Us Remake trailer even targeted 1440p instead of 4K. The image quality now makes sense, as the PS5 update will be adding native 1440p support. If you’re playing a game with its native resolution set to 4K, you may benefit from features such as improved anti-aliasing if you change the resolution down to 1440p.

The beta update has brought some other additions to it as well. One of the more notable is Game Lists, which can help you organize and manage your games better. Players will be able to make 15 game lists, with each list supporting 100 games.

Players will now also have the ability to compare stereo and 3D audio for a game. You can listen to a sound profile, then select which one you prefer in prefer. In-progress activities are now shown in games which will make it easier when you resume a game, so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

It seems as though that Sony is listening to their players, and a 1440p native resolution support is definitely a step in the right direction.

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