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PUBG Free To Play Causes Player Count To Increase By 80,000

by Abdul Wassay
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PUBG free to play version was released earlier this year, and it has been revealed that ever since it has gone free-to-play, the game pulls in 80,000 more players daily. Earlier this year, Krafton decided to make their battle royale shooter, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds free-to-play, and it has since been revealed that this decision has made the company PUBG player base 2022 have 80,000 new daily players.

The developer and publisher of PUBG, Krafton, confirmed the new figures in the company’s latest financial report. Krafton confirmed that the net profit for the company was up 37% when it was compared to the very same quarter last year. While the net profit has gone up, both operating profit and revenue were down by 6.9% and 7.8%. 94% of the battle royale’s revenue is generated outside of South Korea, despite it being created in South Korea.

In the very same financial report, Krafton stated:

PUBG: Battleground, which is available on PC and consoles, recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. “The game, which transitioned to a free-to-play business model in January 2022, has seen a steady inflow of more than 80,000 new users per day. Accordingly, average revenue per user (ARPU) across all platforms increased more than 20 per cent [quarter on quarter]. International markets (outside South Korea) drove 94 per cent of the game’s revenue during Q2 2022.

The company also particularly went on to for the most part reveal that to ensure a fairer playing field for all players, the game essentially is going to adopt kind of harsher anti-cheat programs. Krafton also stated that PUBG’s mobile edition, known as New State Mobile, has continued to evolve, refocusing the way it upkeeps live service and expanding its IP collaboration efforts” in a generally big way. Krafton also detailed that New State Mobile’s total play time and play frequency also increased in Q2 2022, but specific figures were not given, which is fairly significant.

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