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Railgrade Release Date Has Been Confirmed

by Abdul Wassay
Railgrade Release Date Confirmed

Developer Minakata Dynamics and publisher Epic Games have set the Railgrade release date in September, meaning players will be able to enjoy the upcoming management simulator when it releases late next month. If you’re a fan of management simulators, then Railgrade might be for you.

Railgrade is a management simulator developed by Minakata Dynamics and published by Epic Games. It is about the use of railways to transport resources and the energy industry in an alien colony. As the steward of the planet, players will help restore industrial production after a catastrophic infrastructure collapse. Players will have to build complex rail networks and harness the power of trains to connect vital industries with the resources they need. Players will also have to manage inputs and outputs to optimize production and create efficient supply chains with multi-level lanes and a variety of unique engine types.

Players will have to combine strategic decision-making with creative construction to rebuild a thriving industrial colony. The goal of the game is to succeed at doing your job and impressing the corporate masters, who control you and the colony, enough to be allowed to return home to earth.

The gameplay of the game features players using simple construction tools to instantly build and manage a busy railway network full of trains, create efficient supply chains by connecting industrial resources, and place dozens of busy trains on the map. They will also have the ability to customize their trains with different engines and cargo types with hundreds of unique engine and cargo combinations and optimize their train setup and strategically place tracks to navigate challenging environmental terrain and create the most efficient delivery route possible.

Players can also control the flow of resource production through careful management of inputs and outputs while watching out for narrow spots to keep the trains and their precious cargo moving.  As their operation grows bigger, players can invest in the growth of their cities or use zeppelins to export goods to increase profits. For those wanting a more relaxing experience, you can view your fleet of trains in cinematic view mode. All in all, you can help restore prosperity to an industrial colony in a single-player campaign that contains over 50 missions.

Railgrade will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch on September 29th, 2022.

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