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Returnal PC Port May Be Close To Reality

by Abdul Wassay
Returnal PC Port

A listing on Steam Database which suspiciously sounds like a Returnal PC port is continuously being updated. Returnal is a roguelike developed by Housemarque and published by Sony. It was launched in April last year as a PlayStation 5 exclusive to reviews praising it. So for players interested in playing Returnal, there might be a way soon.

Returnal: A Hellish Roguelike

Returnal is an interesting take on the roguelike genre. The game is set on an alien planet named Atropos. The game follows Selene Vassos, as her ship (named the Helios) crash lands on the alien planet. In Returnal, you’re searching for the truth behind the mysterious “White Shadow” signal, and in doing so you’re caught in a time loop. Returnal’s a solid, although difficult, roguelike that even features elements of psychological horror. Returnal was praised by critics upon launch, and the game even got a free update which added a new area known as Tower of Sisyphus.

Despite its praise, there have been no plans for a PC port of Returnal. Although a recent listing that was found on SteamDB of a project codenamed Oregon, suggests that it is the Returnal PC port. The name is inconspicuous, but the localization string for the game is where suspicion arises. It mentions Atropos, Helios, and even the Tower of Sisyphus, which all suggest that this just might be Returnal.

Although a PC port hasn’t been announced, it’s not out of the question. Sony has already put games like God of War on PC and plans to put its long-exclusive Uncharted franchise on PC as well, it wouldn’t be all that surprising that Returnal gets ported soon.

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