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Rev Major Philippines 2022 TWT Concluded

by Hamza Qayyum
Rev Major Philippines 2022

The TEKKEN WORLD TOUR MASTER EVENT was truly a sight to behold, and it has only just concluded with DH.CNJ | JeonDDing took the crown after giving us one of the most intense fighting matches in gaming history.

JeonDDing claimed his victory with a massive win ratio of 10 wins to 1 loss. Coming in very close at second place is Donuts USG | Rangchu with 8 wins and 2 losses. These gaming elites dished it out in the Grand Final Reset giving us jaw gripped matches between JeonDDing’s Julia vs Rangchu’s Panda.

The competition was very fierce among the entire Top 8 lineup from REV major 2022 with the following results:
1. DH | JeonDDing
2. DUSG | Rangchu
3. Ashes | Atif Butt
4. Ashes | Qasim Meer
5. DoToRing
5.  Talon | Book
7.  PBE | AK

These players all shared a similar level of skill as is evident from fifth and seventh place tying but they each gave it their extra effort and secured their positions in the top 8, letting this event act as a finishing point to the ArcRevo World Tour.

Tekken has always been one of the most popular fighting game franchises, and the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR MASTER EVENT proves why it has had such an enormous fan following, bringing in massive audiences. Tune into the highlights of the stream at Tekken.

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